Messages from our Families

Henton Family-Email

  “Deb I want to thank you and Jim for the beautiful flowers received at the funeral on Saturday. Our family was so appreciative for your generosity. We had a beautiful chapel service and the military service at the gravesite was so impressive. Everything was perfect and a great honor to Harry. Again, thank you for your support. We made it to Amelia island and are relaxing with our best friends. I told our friends our story about meeting you (Deb Powers) and Jim(Nowak) and they were so impressed and said ‘once in a while you meet people for a reason.’ I truly believe our meeting was not an accident. I will continue to recommend you to anyone I encounter in a similar position as we were in. Please share this with Jim. Again, thank you for everything and I hope we can meet again.”    

- Jim Henton    

Hook Family-FB Post

“Does anybody know what a caregiver is? They are awesome people. A lot of people take them for granted, until they need one. Our family has a company called Family First [Caregivers]. They have some of the most caring people, one person that has looked over my 93- and 92- [year old] in-laws is Moe. I won’t tell you her real name, but that is what we call her. I hope if and when I or my wife get to be that [young] I pray that I have a person like Moe. Thank[s] for reading this, share if you have a caregiver or had one at one time.”

 -Chad Hook  

Anne-Flowers Sent to FFC

Anne, who is a part of one of the families we care for, sent these flowers to us as a thank you. It was with sincerest gratitude that we at Family First Caregivers accepted this gift. We are grateful for our families and both honored and humbled by their strength and generosity. 

-Family First Caregivers

Messages from our Families

Lloyd Family-Thank You Note

"Dear Jim and Deb, 

Thank you so very much for the beautiful flowers honoring a man you never met. J. and D. came away from your meeting feeling the comfort of friends. We were looking forward to your help as soon as E. was ready as we knew we would be in good hands. We will continue to share your company with others in need. You are truly angels among us!" 

-the family of HL

No Worries


Hi Jim-

I'm sending this email to express my sincere appreciation for your diligence to match (my husband) with a great caregiver.  I returned from the cruise late last night and was very happy to learn that (his) week went very well.  Nicole took great care of him, as well as cleaned the house and did the laundry--such a blessing to me after a long (but thoroughly enjoyable!) week lazing in the Caribbean.  It was so nice to freely enjoy myself without worrying about Dennis.  I'll be in touch soon to discuss Nicole hanging out with (him) several hours once a week.

Your service has truly been a godsend.


A very special appreciation


Just wanted to make you aware of my appreciation for what Jannie did for Mom this weekend. I came over on Saturday afternoon and she was out with her going for a ride on a sunny afternoon and bought her pizza for lunch. She refused my offer to pay. It was her treat. Jannie saw a mass schedule on the refrigerator and said she was going to take her to Church on Sunday. Below was an address for Mom’s sister. She made arrangements for the two to visit (see photos attached). By the look in the pictures she was thrilled. I can’t say enough times THANKS! That was way beyond anything I could have expected.

I have only met Darlena once but seeing her and Mom together, they seemed to have a good relationship. Mom was comfortable and happy. She also had said how she would pick up Arby’s on her way over to treat her.

I will gladly reimburse both for their expenses.

Wanted to pass along my sincere appreciation for these two ladies and wanted you to be aware of the selfless extra things that they are doing, along with the great care that they are providing day in and day out. It has not gone unnoticed and unappreciated by Mom and me.  JW